Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wow... This sucks.

I am hoping to help others get some sense of what to expect while dealing with a broken leg/ankle. To be honest with you I have no idea what the bone names are that are broken and I have no idea what they call the break/fracture. All I know is that it was broken in three places and I now have a plate and seven screws in it. I have had a ridiculously hard time finding any information to help me analyze this situation online and being that I am laid up I have nothing but time to web surf. I would like to share with you the things I find to help me and maybe they can help you too. Here is my story...
On January 28th I left for a business trip in Cancun Mexico. I was quite excited for this trip and had been looking forward to it for a while as I was planning on extending it and vacationing a few days after the meeting ended. What happened was I promptly fell about 45 minutes after my arrival. I went down to the beach jus to see the water. Rinsed the sand off of my feet in the foot shower and fell on the poorly planned ceramic tile and broke my leg and ankle in three places. After receiving less than appropriate care at the scene of the accident I tried to walk/limp back to my hotel room, almost passed out from the pain but the adrenaline saved me a bit. I saw the hotel doctor in my hotel room and he did not think it was broken but "just in case" had me go to a hospital for x-rays. Mind you I speak no Spanish whatsoever and was more than slightly terrified at this point as I was alone. My work associates knew that I had fallen but did not know that they were taking me to a hospital so I went by myself. It all happened so fast. I thought my ankle was only sprained badly. I had no idea what I was about to find out. The x-rays showed the fractures and the doctors informed me that had to have surgery immediately. I was aware enough to know that I could not have surgery in Mexico and immediately said I needed to get out of there and get back to the states. Long story short, my boss had me flown back to the US for surgery the next day. After a grueling 4 hours flight with my leg hoisted up onto the barrier between first class comfort and the coach hell I was in. Thanks for paying for the first class work. Ha.
From the airport I was rushed to the emergency room and kept overnight on painkillers until the swelling had gone down enough for them to do surgery on it to repair the injury. I stayed in the hospital until the next day and now I am back in my apartment and trying to figure out how to get around with a broken leg and a walker. I am single. I live alone. I am the picture of a highly successful independent 30 something. And now I am trapped in my apartment. I can't put any weight on my leg at this time and am still currently in a soft cast. I have pretty much been in bed for the two weeks. Luckily I have some family that helps out twhen they can. My sister is here every other day with groceries, food and anything else I may need. My uncle and his partner help out as well icking up things for me if I need them. My parents are two hours away and worried sick every day about me being here alone and wish I would just stay up there with them for a while but they have stairs and a very uncomfortable couch and no high speed internet. I have a Wii, Fios internet and cable and a one bedroom apartment that I can easily get around in. To me, there was no arguement strong enough to get me to leave one for the other.
At this point I have no idea what happens next and no amount of research I do online can tell me. I am assuming I will be fitted with a hard cast, hopefully fiberglass and colored pretty (shooting for pink or purple as I am girly girl type) at my next doctor’s appointment on Friday of this week. I can't wait much longer. I hope to be able to weight bear at that time but it’s not likely. I will update tomorrow with some things I have learned about myself since the accident happened as also some helpful hints and maybe the few videos I have found online that show you how to successfully walk and do stairs with crutches.
In the meantime, painkillers, ibuprofen and ambien are my only friends.

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